Star Rating Qualification

Cruise Lines are Star Rated and therefore require that the Enrichment people must meet the standard requirements in order to apply with our agency.  Many of our experienced speakers already have 4 Star ratings, however if they wish to apply for 5 or 6 Star Cruise lines they will need additional training to qualify.     

IF you are new to Cruise Speaking – please contact us to discuss the possibility of becoming a Speaker and what you will need to get qualified. 

Star System Points: 

  • 6 Stars require 60 Star points (Regent Seven Seas & Crystal)
  • 5 Stars require 50 Star points (Viking, Oceania, Celebrity)
  • 4 stars require 40 Star points (Royal Caribbean, Princess)

Eventz in Paradise has 3 levels of workshop training in order to help become Rated.  To enquire or apply please email:    The APPLY NOW button does not work for this program. 

Workshop Level 1: Basic introduction to Cruise speaking   Tuition: $100.     

2-hour workshop online (Limited to 20)    – Value: 5 Stars

Dates: 16 Dec (Wed) 10am to 12pm Zoom  

08 Jan 2021 (Fri) 10am to 12pm Zoom

  • Rules/Regulations for speaker and companion
  • How to handle self and others
  • How to be a Self starter
  • Health check list
  • Who you can be your companion
  • What to expect – how to have a thick skin
  • Boarding/disembarking
  • Amenities – Tours
  • How to start your talks/presentation/training
  • Power point do’s and don’ts & Templates
  • What to bring
  • Types of topics
  • References
  • Cost of the placement/what to expect/get etc.
  • Getting to/from the ship (travel)


Workshop Level 2:  How to Prepare and Present as a Pro Cost $300  

4-hour workshop in person or zoom   (Limited to 20)  – Value:  10 Stars

Dates: 14 Jan 2021 (Thurs) 10am to 2pm Zoom

22 Jan 2021 (Fri) 10am to 2pm Zoom

  • How to construct Power points
  • How to set up your computer – what will you need?
  • How to research and put together talks easily
  • How to present talks – Show – Tell – Do – Review

Examples and templates are provided

  • How to write topic titles and blurbs
  • How to write long/short biography
  • How to answer questions
  • How to bring books to sell
  • How to present yourself
  • Video of self presenting details (needed for level 3)


Workshop Level 3: Advanced Presenting Skills Cost $200. 

2-Hour workshop in person and zoom (Limited to 20)   – Value: Minimum 30 to maximum 52 Stars can be earned

Dates: 05 Feb 2021 (Fri) 10am to 12pm Zoom

09 Feb 2021 (Tues) 4 to 6pm Zoom

 Star point breakdown for this workshop:

  • Star Point Value: 2 stars:   Written long/short biography
  • Star Point Value: 3 Stars:  Topic title and blurb (3 topics)
  • Star Point Value: 20 stars:   Presenting a self intro.

Including 3 to 6 key points you will be presenting with a breakdown of each

  • Star Point Value: 15 Star:   PPT Presentation
  • Star Point Value: 10 Stars: 5-minute video of presenting on board a ship or somewhere
  • Star Point Value: 2 Stars: Q & A how to conduct

Written and or verbal constructive feedback will be given

Points are awarded for each category with maximum earning power of 52 stars in this workshop

Your certificate will have an award category which represents what type of cruise you can apply for.

Previous Experience Star Points

Minimum of 5 previous different cruise enrichment spots on 4-star cruise line = Value 25 Stars (Maximum)

Minimum of 3 previous different cruise spots on 5- or 6-star cruise line = Value 30 Stars (Maximum)

More or less experience will not count towards your star rating. Proof of experience if it was with a different agency other than Eventz in Paradise.  Proof would be copy of contract or letter from the agency or cruise line