The following questions and answers have been compiled from the most asked questions by our speakers. If you have additional questions, please feel free to call or email us.

The enrichment program is for yourself and one adult only companion or if you have no companion just yourself. Your companion must be an adult.

If you wish to bring children or other people, they must purchase a cabin. A child must have at least one adult in the cabin with the child. Therefore you would need to pay for 2 paying people.

Be aware that if you do bring along people and for some reason your placement was cancelled the cruise line and Eventz in Paradise does not take responsibility for bookings nor arrangements or payments. We do not have ‘special deals’ for your other
As an enrichment lecturer we do not order special meals. You will find a large assortment of food onboard and you can request special requirements to the wait staff when ordering your meal in the dining room.
No, irons can be confiscated as they are considered a safety risk. You can get ironing done by the staff and some ships have ironing rooms.
No, all alcohol or soft drinks must be purchased on board. If you bring any on board it will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of the cruise.Can I bring champagne?
No, Enrichment speakers are given a non revenue cabin which is assigned by head office. It is not upgradable and we request that you do not ask for upgrades.

The cabins are passenger cabins with either twin beds or one queen bed. You are treated as a normal passenger with all privileges that include cabin attendant and room service.
Yes, both you and your companion must have current passports that have validity at least 6 months past your cruise return date.
Possibly, you are responsible to make sure you have valid visas if needed. We are not a travel agency and therefore can not advise you of these requirements.

If you are an Australian passport holder you will not require visas for the South Pacific Island and New Zealand. Failure to have proper visas for some South East Asian countries, USA and Indonesia will result in denied boarding.
We give preference to Australians, permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand citizens.

If you do not have an Australian or New Zealand Passport, you will need to obtain a Australian Marine Crew Visa You must apply for this outside of Australia therefore you can not be a resident or visitor to Australia when applying. For more information please contact our offices.
No, you are a non-revenue passenger and can only check in on the day of your departure. Your boarding documents will give you these details.

If you call the cruise line to try to check in, you may find they will put you on the passenger paying list and then charge you the full fare when checking in. So please do not call the reservations team.
No, we do not have any special rates that we can give you. We are not a travel agency. You can go online and find rates or go to a travel agent. Be aware that if you do purchase cabins for others, you are not going to be able to be located next to them and you risk them traveling without you if your placement is cancelled for any reason.