Bridge Directors AFB & ACBL

We often need Bridge Directors who are ABCL & ABF accredited for a large number of cruises from Australia.  Please contact us for more information.

We are looking for:

Innovative, engaging, Bridge Directors onboard ships from Australia to some of the most exotic and amazing destinations in the South Pacific. The director must be able to submit master points if necessary when the ship returns.   During the cruise you will present a number of bridge sessions or lessons and lead bridge games. The schedule will be provided by the Cruise director after you board.  Preference is for Australian citizens please.

The Bridge Director/Instructor is responsible for teaching bridge lesson for intermediate & advanced players followed by an afternoon of duplicate and social bridge played each day the ship is at sea. These lessons/lectures should be between 45 to 60 minutes which includes question and answer time. All ships provide duplicate boards and cards. You should prepare to bring anything else you need for your sessions such as a laptop to keep track of scoring.

In Return: You are allocated a standard stateroom for two including all meals in the normal dining rooms, entertainment, and  activities. You are treated as a passenger however most cruises will give you a discount on items you buy.  These cruises have value of over $3500 or more. Our agency charges a placement fee of $65 per cruise day, so a 10 day cruise fee is $650 – for two! Often bridge couples take these placements and share the duties.

Sail the South Pacific, go to New Zealand, or circumnavigate Australia.  By becoming a regular member of  our team earns you cruise dollars towards completely free cruising in the future.  HOWEVER, This is not for the faint of heart, but for fellow cruisers who want to sail, play and have a holiday.  Being a part of the cruise experience and enhancing the people you meet is fun and rewarding.

Next Steps

Check our Cruise Listing to see what cruises are available. Each cruise lists what type of placement is available and click on Apply Now.

Bridge Club

We have formed a Bridge Club number 2299 called Eventz in Paradise Bridge Club. This allows us to masterpoint all our events.  

For your convenience once you have finished your cruise, you will need to create the necessary masterpoint file and email it to our masterpoint secretary, laureli e: