Speaker Descriptions

Please note: these positions are not paid, instead you and an adult guest (if you have one) will enjoy passenger status and are provided a complimentary cabin, meals and all entertainment on board.

An agency fee from $65 up to $110 AUD per cruise day for your placement will apply, your only other out-of-pocket expenses include onboard purchases, gratuity and port activities.

1. Destination Speakers

If you are an avid traveller, enjoy sharing your knowledge about destinations, have an outgoing personality and strong presentation skills, then this is the placement for you.

You need to tell them what to see, where to go, what do do.

The destination lecturer provides useful practical traveller information about each port of call on the itineraries, while sharing their expertise on the history, culture, geography and politics of the destination. Destination lecturers must have in-depth knowledge of the area and possess good research skills to keep the information up to date.. It requires friendly, outgoing personality with patience. You will need to prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation that has plenty of visual pictures that are aligned to your presentation.

2. Special Interest / Destination

Special Interest Destinations presentations are about Art, Music, Culture, Customs, Astronomy, Oceanography, Marine biology or anything relating to the region the ship is sailing that will enhance the allure of the destination.

3. Enrichment and/or Special Interest

If you have a friendly and outgoing personality, enjoy interacting with a large variety of people and possess a proven public speaking record then you might qualify to become one of our enrichment lecturers. You would have to provide a presentation about something interesting and appropriate to the ships passengers. All presentations must be accompanied by a PowerPoint slideshow that is aligned with the presentation. Enrichment lecturers must provide their own laptop. Preferred topics include but are not limited to: Cultural history (relating to the ships itinerary) Maritime history, astronomy, world exploration, earth sciences, marine biology and life, wildlife, environmental sciences, archaeology, sociology, anthropology, and forensics.

4. Naturalist Lecturer

Must have a STRONG stage presence. Preference given to Australian and New Zealanders. Naturalist lecturers are only for selected cruises. They provide the passengers with a richer understanding of the sights by providing them with knowledge in both informative and in an entertaining way. Interpretive programs optimize a passenger’s experiences by covering Natural Sciences, Environmental Issues, Wildlife and Sea life topics, Native culture and history. Some practical traveller information for the port is also recommended. Successful candidates are trained in Marine Biology, Environmental Sciences, Sociology, Geological and Geographical disciplines. They must have ample personal knowledge and first-hand experiences with the places the ship sails to with a proven background in public speaking with an engaging personality.

5. Sports and Outdoor Sportsmen

We are looking for reputable sporting personalities from our region. Someone to speak on their “sport” particularly – coaches, broadcaster, referees, retired players and fishermen. Topics can vary from experience based talks to what’s going on today to motivational. We look for candidates to sometimes conduct “hands on” clinic. For instance we’ve had an Olympic swimmer conduct a clinic in the pool. Soceer, cricket, footie, car racers things of interest to people in this region are considered.

6. Watercolour or Arts & Crafts

Must have teaching experience and involved in art shows or judged a competition. You will be instructing from 10 to 75 guests. Water colour kit are supplied by Celebrity Cruises at no charge to the guest. However Royal Caribbean requires you bring your own supplies for up to 75 guests.

7. Bridge Instructors

This placement is for the Bridge instructor that can provide instruction and confidently organize and set up Bridge Games. You must hold ABF and ACBL qualifications. You must be prepared to handle various types of people with various degrees of experience. You should be able to conduct an intermediate Bridge class each morning the cruise is at sea with a Duplicate Bridge play each afternoon at sea. Cruise line provides, cards, score pads, bridge boards, bidding boxes and recap sheets. You should provide your own laptop for scoring. You must have an outgoing and pleasing personality with lots of patience. For more information go here

8. Dance Instructors (couple)

Must have teaching experience with ballroom dance to include, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Salza, Samba, Foxtrot. You will bring your own music and must have dance attire while teaching. A man/woman couple only for these cruises.

9. Tai Chi/qigong Instructor

Must have teaching experience and be able to do basic level of Tai Chi or Qigong with passengers.

10. Guest Clergy

During some holy holidays the cruises require clergy to provide religious services. Some are: Easter, Passover, Yom Kippur and Christmas. Preference is given to Catholic Priests for Christian services and Rabbi’s or Jewish Reverends for Jewish Holidays.

11. Entertainment – Artists, performers

We are not looking for Entertainment at this time